KEM Hospital Research Centre, Pune

K.E.M Hospital, Pune celebrated its diamond jubilee in 1972. At that time a need was felt to further improve and expand their services.Read Further

Vadu Rural Health Program

Vadu Rural Health Program (VRHP), an initiative of KEM Hospital and its Research Centre has been at the forefront of healthcare and research for more than four decades. What began in the form of a clinic set up by KEM at a small primary health unit in Vadu village to combat a virulent outbreak of diarrhoea in 1973, now provides secondary level hospital based health care services to about 150,000 people in 22 villages of Vadu area and beyond.

It expanded with establishment of Vadu Health and Demographic Surveillance (HDSS) which is assessing demographic dynamics since 2002. HDSS independently tracks vital events including births, deaths, cause of death, migrations and marriages and serves to monitor trends in fertility and mortality inter-alia over time. It is now also the focal point of several need-based national and international research studies

In addition to conducting studies on mother and child health, aging, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and clinical trials, VRHP is proud to have made a significant contribution to the development of the local community, primarily women. The residents of neighbouring villages are not just recipients of health services; they have been educated and empowered to conduct community and hospital-based research. Vadu Rural Health Program is now a well-known name in the realms of international research as “Vadu” that continues to partner with national and international organisations for conducting socially relevant, ethical research.

Mission Statement

“Provide evidence-based, sustainable and rational health care solutions for the rural population using globally relevant community-based ethical research”

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